Peacock confirms delayed PlayStation 4 launch

For weeks, NBCUniversal has been slowly revealing new details and launch platforms for its incoming streaming service Peacock. The service's global launch is tomorrow, and it turns out that NBC has struck a distribution agreement with Sony that will see Peacock come to PlayStation consoles. However, those of you using a PlayStation 4 as your primary media box will have to wait a few days longer than those on other platforms, as Peacock won't be available on PS4 right away.

Instead, NBC announced today that Peacock will be launching on PlayStation 4 "starting the week of July 20." A more specific release date wasn't revealed, but it's clear that the PlayStation 4 release date won't lag too far behind its US launch date of July 15th.

Peacock will be compatible with PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 4 Pro, and on those platforms at least, NBC will "curate an always-on editorial row that features currently available content." We can probably assume that Peacock will show that curated row of content across all platforms, so in the end, the PS4 and PS4 Pro implementation of Peacock should look more or less the same as it does on other platforms.

NBC has been trying to build hype for the launch of Peacock for quite some time now. Peacock will definitely be going up against some stiff competition, but NBC is hoping that the free subscription tier it plans to offer will give it an advantage against Peacock's more established competition.

In addition to that free streaming tier, Peacock will have a Premium tier that doubles the amount of content over the free tier for $4.99 per month. Both Peacock Free and Premium will show ads during shows, but subscribers can get rid of those (in most cases, at least), for an extra $5.00 per month. We'll find out if Peacock can roll with the big boys soon enough, as it's launching tomorrow, July 15th.