PC users should uninstall QuickTime for Windows ASAP

Most Windows users probably gave up on QuickTime as their media player of choice some time ago, but if for some reason you, or, shall we say, those who are less tech-savvy, still have it installed, you need to get rid of it right away. Two critical security flaws have been found in the aging Apple software that put PC users at great risk, so much so that even the Department of Homeland Security is advising people to uninstall the Windows version.

While QuickTime continues to be used and updated on the Mac, Apple is discontinuing support for the Windows version, meaning there will be no updates to address these new security flaws, and prompting the urgent notice from the US government. The DHS says that the only solution at this point is to just uninstall the software from Windows machines.

The vulnerabilities were discovered by the security firm Trend Micro, which notes that while there's been no evidence of the flaws being successfully used in recent attacks, the fact that Apple won't be issuing any updates means they could easily be exploited in the future. The security holes put users at risk of malicious code that could run on PCs under the appearance of QuickTime.

Both Trend Micro and the DHS have said that the security flaws are not found in the OS X version of QuickTime, so Mac users do not need to follow these alerts.

If you or someone you know isn't quite sure of how to uninstall QuickTime from their PC, instructions can be found on Apple's website.

SOURCE Trend Micro, Department of Homeland Security