PC makers still emitting high carbon emissions

Greenpeace is known for their environmental work around the world, but they also release tech industry rankings each quarter that show how individual companies are doing in terms of reducing their carbon footprints.

Some interesting things have happened in the rankings this time around. Several companies have switched positions. Philips had the most impressive change around, jumping from 15th to 4th place! They recently changed their policies on recycling and taking products back, which resulted in the dramatic rank change. Apple is also doing well, moving up to 10th place since they've removed brominated flame retardants and PVC from their products. Nokia topped the list again this quarter, with plans to further cut their carbon emissions by 10% by the end of this year.

Several PC manufacturers, however, received a lot of criticism for their lack of following through with greening up plans. HP, Dell and Lenovo all failed to remove PVCs and BFRs from their products. Lenovo extended their self-imposed deadline to 2010 but Dell and HP now have no deadline at all.

[via Register Hardware]