PayPal, S1, and NCR team for payments from ATM to individuals

If you pick a random bank in your area and drive up to the ATM there is a very good chance that you will find the machine is made by NCR. The company has a huge amount of ATMs in service around the country and the world. NCR has announced that it is teaming up with PayPal and S1 to offer the ability for users to pay a PayPal account holder directly from the ATM.

The service will give the ATM user the option of sending money directly from their bank account to a PayPal account holder without having a PayPal account themselves. They just choose the amount to transfer and enter the email of the person that is to get the money and the loot is deducted from the sender account and credited to the seller account immediately.

Another benefit for people with PayPal accounts is that NCR says that the ATM payment method "could be" cheaper than other non-PayPal money transfer options. The receiver does have to have a PayPal account to receive funds.