PayDragon app brings QR codes to restaurants

Mark Raby - Mar 17, 2012
PayDragon app brings QR codes to restaurants

Placing your next order at a restaurant may be as easy as scanning a code. That’s the goal of PayDragon’s self-named app that hopes to be a win-win for consumers and small businesses. It’s yet another entry in a growing list of mobile applications that process payment transactions for brick-and-mortar locations in the real world. The niche here is the inclusion of QR codes.

So, the idea would be that if you own a restaurant, you could print up menus with special QR codes that can interact with the PayDragon app. Customers take those menus home or to the office with them, launch the PayDragon app, scan the codes to order what they want, and pay for their food directly from the mobile app. All you need to do is make the food.

This is an increasingly competitive space. Other order fulfillment services like Seamless,, and GrubHub provide similar functionality. They all have both desktop Web applications as well as mobile apps. So the success of PayDragon relied on exactly how much value users will find in the QR aspect, which is its only differentiating factor.

[via GigaOM]

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