Pay up RIAA, Show her the money!

Ewdison Then - Aug 15, 2007, 10:39am CDT
Pay up RIAA, Show her the money!

A Judge ordered the RIAA to pay Debbie Foster, a defendant on a witch-hunt party by the Nazi-like RIAA. Ms. Fosters was awarded $68,685 in attorney fees by the court, however the RIAA has failed to cough up the money to pay her. Ms. Foster is asking the court to enter judgment against RIAA.

It is funny how RIAA is so quick to take someone else money but when its turn to pay up, they went AWOL. I don’t condone piracy, but the witch-hunt by RIAA disgust me.

Here is what RIAA has to say about this ruling.

We respectfully believe that this ruling is in error and is an isolated occurrence. Our interest in these cases is enforcing the rights of the record companies and artists, while fostering an online environment where the legal marketplace can flourish and the music industry can invest in the new bands of tomorrow. In the handful of cases where the person engaging in the illegal activity in the household is not the person responsible for the ISP account, we look to gather the facts quickly and do our best to identify the appropriate defendant.

[via gizmodo, wired]

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