Pay attention to this meat seasoning recall if you're grilling this summer

Some recent food recalls have popped up at the CDC recently, including ones involving leafy greens and supplements. One of the recalls published in recent days may be particularly important to note in light of grilling season: it involves a meat seasoning that can be used for things like beef. According to the recall, these items may be contaminated with a risky pathogen called Listeria.

The recall comes from Excalibur Seasoning Company in Illinois, which says that it is recalling 17 bottles of its Haen Meats 1959 House Blend meat seasoning. That's because these particular bottles may be contaminated with Listeria, putting those who consume it at risk of infection.

Listeria infections can be severe and potentially deadly in some individuals, including young kids and the elderly. Healthy individuals may experience symptoms that last for a short while, including things like a severe headache and high fever. This pathogen is particularly risky to pregnant women who may experience stillbirth or miscarriage from the infection.

The company says it started shipping this particular product on July 14; the recall was published on July 26. The recalled bottles had managed to reach the consumer level through a retailer in Wisconsin, according to Excalibur, but fortunately, there haven't been any illnesses reported in relation to the product.

The possible Listeria contamination was discovered as part of routine testing, the company explains, with further testing narrowing the source down to a single ingredient. Anyone who bought one of the recalled bottles is advised to throw it away or return it for a refund.