Pay attention to this chocolate recall if you have a nut allergy

If you're allergic to nuts but have a love of chocolate, you'll want to pay attention to a new voluntary recall from Hershey. The company is recalling 1,700 bottles of its chocolate shell topping, which is often put on ice cream, because the wrong variety of shell topping — the kind made with almonds — was mistakenly put in these bottles.

The recall involves a lot of Hershey's Chocolate Shell Topping sold in 7.25-ounce bottles. This product may actually contain Heath Shell Topping, a similar chocolate product that was made with almonds. The company notes that these recalled bottles were shipped across the US from April 15 to May 3.

Of note, Hershey's says in its recall notice that its Chocolate Shell Toppings products that were purchased before April 15 aren't covered by this recall nor are any of the company's other Shell Topping products. Retailers have been alerted to remove the bottles from shelves.

The company explains that an 'isolated error' at one of its contracted manufacturing facilities was behind this issue and that it has been addressed so that it doesn't happen again. There haven't been any reports about adverse effects resulting from the recalled chocolate shell product.

Assuming you bought a bottle of Hershey's Chocolate Shell Topping after April 15 and that it features the lot code "25JSAS1," you can reach out to Hershey's Consumer Relations team to ask for a refund. The full recall notice can be found on the FDA's website here.