Patreon is making it easier for video creators to use its platform

Patreon is a solid platform for creators who want to directly market their products to fans and customers, such as artists who provide special content only for paid subscribers. However, the platform has historically been a less-than-great option for creators who primarily produce video content, making it tricky to offer exclusives to their patrons.

At its core, Patreon is simply a platform where anyone can launch their own page to share content with other people. The platform has a built-in subscription feature that makes it possible to charge patrons a certain amount per month. This, in turn, helps support the creator so that they can publish their works with others.

Though Patreon has a number of tools, including the ability to share images and text posts, it isn't very useful for video creators. Many Patreon creators end up using YouTube as their main video platform to upload exclusive content set to private and shared via direct links within Patreon.

That'll change in the future, according to Patreon CEO Jack Conte. In a recent statement to The Verge, Conte revealed that Patreon is developing its own video hosting "solution" for creators on its platform. The upcoming functionality will include a native video player so that patrons can watch content directly on the creator's page.

Unfortunately, he didn't reveal any other details about this upcoming video support, including when the company is aiming to launch the new functionality. Regardless, this is good news for Patreon creators and arguably a necessary step for the company in light of the growing number of competitors.

A number of alternative subscription-based platforms have launched over recent years, but they often target writers specifically. Substack, Ghost, and Revue all offer creators a way to monetize their works, for example. Patreon, however, aims to make its platform suitable for all varieties of content, covering the needs of podcasters and artists in addition to writers.