Parrot DF7700 MMS digital photo frame

Can I haz cheeseburger now?! Alright that photo is a little creepier, even creepier is the fact that this digital photo frame basically acts like a phone, and can receive, and then displays, MMS messages from anyone. It has a SIM card and everything.

There are also USB and SD card slots for those not wishing to display the public indecency that was captured on their phone the night prior. There are also position and light sensors to help keep the image on display, as shameful as it may be, viewable.

That is not the 7700 in the picture, it's the 7220, but you get the idea, the fact that you can send photos from your phone to a digital picture frame. Then kick yourself in the ass when your friends get the number and do it in compromising situations and your special someone sees it.

Parrot's DF7700 MMS photo frame – go ahead, share your creepiness [via engadget]