Parler prepares to go offline ahead of Amazon Web Services ban

A leaked email has revealed that Amazon plans to boot the social media platform Parler off its web services, forcing the collective to find a new host. The report claims Parler will lose its AWS access just ahead of midnight tonight (time zone unclear), and the platform's CEO indicated in a recent post that the site may be offline for up to a week.

The news was first reported by Buzzfeed, which cited an email it acquired detailing the matter. The report claims that Amazon has alerted Parler about its plan to end its access to AWS, giving it little time to find an alternative. Assuming the report is correct, the service will likely go offline sometime later tonight.

The reason for the decision, according to the report citing the email, was content on the platform calling for violence, putting Parler in violation of Amazon's terms of service. The leaked email goes on to note that Amazon doesn't believe Parler has 'an effective process to comply' with its terms of service, likely referring to its lackluster moderation.

The news was seemingly confirmed by Parler CEO John Matze in a post on Parler; he states that the website may be unavailable 'for up to a week' while the team rebuilds the platform 'from scratch.' Matze goes on to claim that there are multiple providers competing for its business, followed by alleging that Google, Apple, and Amazon 'purposedly did this as a coordinated effort knowing our options would be limited...'

The news comes shortly after a number of major platforms banned President Trump, some permanently and others 'indefinitely,' following the US Capitol attack. As noted by Buzzfeed, some Parler users responded to the news by suggesting that violent action should be taken against Amazon's data centers.