Parent's Choice baby food recalled at Walmart over arsenic levels

Some Parent's Choice baby food sold at Walmart has been recalled over higher than acceptable inorganic arsenic levels, a new recall advisory has revealed. The arsenic levels were discovered by the FDA via sample testing, prompting the voluntary recall. The baby food was sold in Walmart stores and on its website.

The recall comes from Maple Island, Inc. and it covers the Parent's Choice Rice Baby Cereal product sold at Walmart. According to the company, the FDA testing found inorganic arsenic levels above guidance in a sample from three production lots. The recalled baby cereal was sold after April 5, the advisory reveals, in 8oz packaging.

Three lots are covered by the recall with "Best By" dates of June 24, 25, and November 30, 2022. Consumers who may have purchased the Parent's Choice baby cereal covered by the recall should check the identifying details provided in the recall notice. The company says the product numbers and Best By dates can be found on the packaging's bottom left rear corner.

Anyone who owns these recalled baby cereal products is advised to either return them to Walmart for a refund or throw them away unused. Walmart has likewise been notified about the recall so that it can pull the products from sale and potentially block sales at the register to make sure none of the products are sold.

The company says it is currently testing the raw materials used for this baby cereal, as well as the finished product. Maple Island says its tests show arsenic levels in compliance with the FDA's rules, but it is recalling the production lots tested by the FDA. Inorganic arsenic is naturally occurring; trace amounts are often found in food.