Panoz and DeltaWing patent two arrow-shaped road cars

Batmobiles these are not, but they could very well be closest you can get, especially one that you can actually legally drive and flaunt around. Motorsports giant Don Panoz and DeltaWing LLC last month filed for not one but two patents over arrow-shaped road cars, a dream that the Nissan BladeGlider once inspired and now has seemingly given up on. Simply called "Street Cars", these design patents are anything but simple. Sadly, based on the designs, only one of them might actually be practical to drive on streets.

Both, of course, have this strange arrow shape design, but the first one's shape is more extreme than the second. Like an actual existing DeltaWing race car, this one has a very narrow front and a large passenger compartment. Because of this shape, it's actually quite hard to what's going on behind the car, even when you have side mirrors, which would be useless in this case anyway.

The second design is a bit more subdued and somewhat more realistic. The arrow shape flows smoothly from front to back, without being broken off by a bulbous center. Here, side and rear mirrors do have utility, making this version more practical to drive around.

That said, these are just patents and whether they become actual production cars, or even concept ones, is an entirely different story. We still have to wait for more details, like the cars' engines to be confident of this endeavor. Until then, like the BladeGlider, it remains a dream, but a dream still worth pursuing.

VIA: AutoBlog