Pandora Premium Family Plan takes on Spotify at $15 per month

Brittany A. Roston - May 28, 2018, 2:30 pm CDT
Pandora Premium Family Plan takes on Spotify at $15 per month

Pandora has launched a new premium family plan that gives subscribers access to higher quality audio with certain benefits including offline music access. The new plan allows for up to six individuals to access and use the account, bringing the total per-person price down to about $2.50/month. Subscribers can easily send invitations directly to family and friends.

The Premium Family Plan is targeted at groups of family members or friends who want premium features, but at the lower rate that comes with a single plan rather than individual subscriptions. Up to six people can access the plan, which works out to around $165/year.

Accounts under the Premium Family Plan get access to the full roster of premium features, but each user’s stations, likes/dislikes, and more are contained within their own account. This means you won’t have to share music and stations with other streamers who may otherwise mess up your stations.

Pandora’s premium features include offline music downloads, the ability to replay and skip songs whenever you’d like, a lack of advertisements, higher quality audio, the ability to create both playlists and radio stations, and the ability to listen to whatever music you want.

Assuming you’re already a Pandora subscriber, you can switch to the premium family plan via the “Switch Plans” option. The person who sets up the account can control it using the management page, which includes the ability to send invitations to others and remove them from the plan.

SOURCE: Pandora

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