Pandora personalized radio unveils gift subscriptions

Shane McGlaun - Oct 15, 2010
Pandora personalized radio unveils gift subscriptions

If you are a big music fan or know someone who is, you might be familiar with Pandora radio. The radio service is a streaming offering that allows the listener to customize their own service with the sort of music that they like rather than just listening to whatever is playing.

The service has unveiled a couple new gifting options with a gift subscription good for a full year of service. The gift subscriptions cost $36 for the entire year and can be given as an email gift or via a gift card.

If an email subscription is used, the gift code can be scheduled for up to a year in advance. The year of service on Pandora includes unlimited listening with no ads and tracks are streamed at 192kbps for better sound. Pandora can play on your desktop via the desktop app and there are customization options. Pandora can also be accessed via some smartphones, web connected TVs and Blu-ray players.

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