Pandora launches a new home screen widget for iOS and iPadOS

This week Pandora updated its app for iOS and iPadOS users. The streaming company says the goalie update was to make it easier for users to enjoy their favorite music and podcasts. Part of the update is a new home screen widget that makes it much easier to access and control music playback without having to launch the app.Users of the Apple devices can customize their device by selecting from three sizes of the Pandora widget, allowing viewing and control of as many of seven of their most recently played songs, albums, stations, playlists, and podcasts. The controls are accessible directly from the vice home screen.

Pandora says for users to install the home screen widget for the Apple devices, they need to be running the latest version of the Pandora app for the iPhone and the iPad. Users long-press the home screen and hold it until it begins to wiggle. Once the wiggling starts, users can tap the plus button, search for Pandora, and then select from the three available sizes for the home screen widget.

Once a size is chosen, the user taps add widget, and it appears on the home screen. IPad and iPhone users do have to be running at least version 14 of both operating systems to enable the widget. Pandora is a music and podcast streaming service similar to Spotify but not as popular.

The latest version of the Pandora app is available to download right now for both the iPhone and the iPad. Last month, Pandora announced that T-Mobile subscribers were able to get a special experience with additional perks.