Pandora Alarm Clock For iOS Wakes You Up With A Station, Offers Snooze Option

A much-requested feature has been bestowed upon Pandora's iOS users today — an Alarm Clock that allows one to wake up to the sounds of their favorite radio station rather than a shrill typical alarm. With Alarm Clock, one's smartphone becomes the radio-clock combo of days gone by, only with more configuration options and the ever-loved snooze function.

This follows up from "Sleep Timer," the offering revealed back in August that allows users to fall asleep to their favorite station without having it play music endlessly. Alarm Clock is much the same, allowing one to wake up to the same music at a designated time, and to snooze the alarm for certain amounts of time the same one does their typical clock app or alarm clock.

The interface is beautiful, with some of the screens being featured above. Album art scrolls in the background when the radio station begins to play in the morning. If one wants to keep listening to the music as they drag out of bed and go about their morning ritual, such can be done by tapping the song listed on the phone's display.

The other options offered are snooze, which allows for silencing the alarm in 5, 10, 15, or 20 minute increments. The music, obviously, is silenced under this condition, playing again when the time is up. The alarm can also be turned off, getting rid of the music without activating the snooze function. For now, only iOS users have access to the feature, but an Android version is promised to be in the works.

SOURCE: Pandora Blog