Panasonic’s EVOLTA Robot Uses 12-AA Batteries to Travel 317 Miles [Video]

Evan Selleck - Nov 26, 2010
Panasonic’s EVOLTA Robot Uses 12-AA Batteries to Travel 317 Miles [Video]

Considering it is the day after Thanksgiving, how about a little publicity stunt from Panasonic to tide you over during your extended weekend? Even if batteries are one of the most commonly used items in the world, it seems Panasonic doesn’t think they get enough attention. That’s why they put together the EVOLTA robot, and decided to send the little robot on a 500-kilometer trek across Japan. Luckily enough for the EVOLTA, it made it, and actually did it ahead of schedule.

The EVOLTA robot from Panasonic is a design that’s meant to showcase the power of AA batteries. Indeed, the little robot managed to go quite the distance on only 12-AA batteries. The robot didn’t make the trip from Tokyo to Kyoto by itself, though. No, the ‘bot brought along its team of EVOLTA Sisters for the ride. However, thanks to the infrared signal on board a vehicle in front of EVOLTA, it was perfectly capable of finding its own way.

The robot was also allowed to be carried up stairs, when it came across them. Also, it was decided upon that the robot wouldn’t do any traveling if it were raining out. EVOLTA spent two months on the road, traveling 500-kilometers in total, and made it to Kyoto ahead of schedule, which Panasonic was pretty happy about. You can check out the little robot in the video below.

[via CRAVE]

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