Panasonic Toughbook sporting Sprint Rev. A Broadband

Panasonic just announced that the business-rugged Toughbook W5 and T5 notebooks will now feature built-in support for Sprint Mobile Broadband services, including its upgraded EV-DO Revision A service where available. These will be the first business-rugged laptops with embedded EV DO Rev. A capabilities. With this certification, Panasonic now offers the broadest range of Sprint-enabled reliable PCs for all mobile environments, from extreme to mainstream, including rugged, semi-rugged and business rugged mobile computers.

With Rev. A enhancements, users can anticipate average download speeds of 450 to 800 kbps and upload speeds of 300 to 400 kbps. The notebooks will also operate on the Sprint Power Vision Network where the EV-DO Revision A upgrade is not yet available.

The ultraportable Panasonic Toughbook W5, with its integrated DVD/CD-RW combo drive, 12.1-inch anti-glare LCD, and weight of just 3.1-pounds, is ideal for mobile professionals who demand the standard features found in larger notebooks at a decreased size and weight. The W5 also offers an exceptional battery life of eight hours.

The Toughbook T5 is an ultraportable tablet alternative notebook with a 12.1-inch touch-screen display, 10-hour battery life, ergonomic hand strap, and weight of just 3.5-pounds. It is ideal for professionals who want the flexibility to enter information with a stylus or using the keyboard.

The Panasonic Toughbook W5 and T5 with embedded Sprint Mobile Broadband will be available next month at an estimated street price of $2,249.00.

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Thanks Jenni! [Panasonic]