Panasonic to install 4K display at Churchill Downs measuring over 15000 sq ft

Sports arenas all around the world are known in part for their large screens that make it easy for fans to keep up with the action. Churchill Downs, the horse racing park where the Kentucky Derby is held, has announced that it has teamed up with Panasonic to install what is being called the "Big Board." Big Board is a massive 4K display that Panasonic claims will be the world's largest.

The gigantic display screen will have an area of 15,224 square feet. Measurements will be 171-feet wide x 90-feet tall and it will sit 80-feet above the ground. Panasonic says that the viewing angles from the screen will be wide enough that anyone in the stadium will be able to watch. The project has had some challenges to install the giant screen.

During installation, an underground river required installers to bury 12 steel support beams into 45-feet of bedrock. The massive structure weighs in at 1.2 million pounds. Panasonic says that the structure can withstand winds up to 90 mph.

Big board has over nine million lines of resolution and will allow the operators of the screen to show replays, image close-ups, betting odds, and race results. The screen will also support split-levels with various content including advertisement and recorded programming. If an 80-inch 4k monitor costs tens of thousands of dollars, I can only imagine how expensive this roughly 2,052-inch screen is. Churchill Downs plans to have the screen complete on April 26.

SOURCE: Panasonic