Panasonic launches new DMP-BD10A Blu-Ray player with movies bundle

Not wanting to be left out and outrun by Pioneer's Blu-ray player announcement, Panasonic releases its new Blu-ray player, the DMP-BD10A. It supports 7.1 Dolby True HD and DTS-HD surround and feature Panasonic's EZ-Sync system allowing you to control it with one single button. Other main feature includes 1080p up conversion using HDMI, a 14-bit DA converter, and BD-J.

Now, the bonus point for those who buys this player is that you will also get five Blu-ray movie titles for free. The title includes Crash, Fantastic 4, Transporter, and the first and second installment of the Pirates of the Carribean movie.

The DMP-BD10A is priced reasonably at $599.95 (especially with the bundle) and should be available immediately.

Panasonic launches $600 DMP-BD10A Blu-ray player, bundles five films [via engadget]