Panasonic KX-TDE600 enterprise level VoIP systems - looks like a CRT TV

I really have no clue why the designers thought this rack mounted system needed to look like a CRT television with a burnt in image of "Panasonic" smack dab in the middle. Regardless, we've slowly managed to move from the office, to the IDF, and now this would be something more likely found at the demarcation point.

This unit doesn't just stop at providing communications services, it even optimizes them for you. It also allows you to connect SIP services through and Internet Telephony Service Provider should you choose to, which if you are dealing with equipment like this, it'd probably be a good idea.

Once again, it supports SIP phones, soft phones, and many hybrid technologies as well, it also offers easy migration from TDA to TDE or hybrid to pure IP technology. It seems to be available now, and this thing has got to be hitting at least the 5 digit price mark so your pockets better be deep if you want one.