Panasonic demos WiGig with tablet and in-car system

Panasonic is developing new applications that use WiGig technology, which can wirelessly transfer data at multi-gigabit speeds. Although first announced back in 2009, adoption of WiGig has taken some time. Panasonic is demoing the technology in use on prototype SD cards that work with tablets to transfer videos to in-car entertainment systems.

The technology in this implementation can transfer a full DVD video from the tablet to the in-car system in only 60 seconds on a 60Hz frequency band, boasting data transfer rates of up to 7Gbps. That's pretty impressive considering the much touted high-speed Thunderbolt wired ports offer 10Gbps transfer speeds, though bi-directional.

However, the wireless range is limited to 1 to 3 meters, which means it won't be replacing current WiFi standards, which can offer a range of up to 30 meters. But in Panasonic's in-vehicle application, the technology could offer great entertainment solutions. The company hopes to commercialize the WiGig SD cards for in-vehicle use by summer of 2013.

[via TechCrunch]