Panasonic Canada adds 360-degree ImmerVision video surveillance lens to security camera

Panasonic Canada has unveiled a wide selection of Panasonic video cameras for surveillance applications that have 360-degree functionality and use panamorph lenses from Immervision. The lenses used inside the security cameras are the ImmerVision IMV 1-1/3 360-degree lenses that are designed to eliminate camera blind spots.

The cameras are appropriate for both live and recorded security use and the cameras are cost effective according to Panasonic. The ability to see all around the camera will make catching criminals much easier since they can't be out of the cameras field of view.

"By offering ImmerVision 360-degree panomorph lenses in combination with Panasonic video surveillance cameras, security professionals benefit from expanded video surveillance coverage capabilities and improved cost efficiency," said Mike Reynolds, Marketing Manager, Panasonic Canada's Security Systems Division. "These innovative lenses from ImmerVision are a great complement to many of Panasonic's IP and Analogue surveillance cameras, and we are pleased to offer them as an option through our Canadian Authorized Dealers and Distributors."