Panasonic announces electronics recycling program

It seems everyone is getting a little bit greener these days. And that's a good thing, especially when it comes to electronics, which are known to produce harmful toxins and are made from plastics that don't biodegrade. But now, Panasonic has come up with a new recycling program to put a stop to the waste.

Currently, when you have an electronic device break or you decide to buy something new, you have to wait for one of those electronics round-ups, or drop them off at an electronics recycling facility. This is time-consuming and often a real burden to busy people.

That's why as of November 1, Panasonic will be rolling out a new electronics recycling program. It will span the entire U.S. and will make it easier for people to get rid of their tech toys in a responsible manner. All you'll have to do is drop off Panasonic-branded electronics at one of the 160 drop off spots. It is only going to be used in 10 states at first, but is expected to roll out in all 50 states over the next 3 years.