Panamorph FVX200J lens removes black bars from JVC projector flicks

One of the things I don't like when I watch movies on my HDTV is that they have the black bars at the top and bottom. Sure, the wide aspect ratio and black bars are better than full screen versions, but I would really like to get widescreen without the black bars. A company called Panamorph has unveiled a custom lens just for JVC projectors that eliminates those annoying bars from your movies.

The lens is called the FVX200J and fits the JVC line of home theater projectors. The lens attaches to the front of the JVC projector and turns the image into a movie theater 2.40:1 aspect ratio eliminating the bars from the projected image. There are other lens systems that promise to do the same thing, but Panamorph claims those solutions can cost $10,000.

The Panamorph FVX200L lens system sells for $2,995. That is still a serious chunk of change to simply remove the black bars from your favorite movies, but it is much cheaper than other solutions if you are a serious home theater enthusiast with deep pockets.