Palm Pre to have Push GMail

My Pre reports that a tipster with a webOS emulator has found that the Pre will utilize IMAP IDLE. This means that users on GMail will have near instantaneous reception of new emails. That's right, it's getting pushed down to the phone from the GMail servers.

This is great news for Pre users. Currently, the only phone to support GMail push is the G1 (and soon the HTC Magic or any other Android device). Palm's close relationship with Google and their heavy incorporation of GMail into Synergy and the Pre's contacts and calendars is proving to be extremely beneficial for soon-to-be Pre users.

There have been some complaints recently over the inability to select which contacts are synced through Synergy on the Pre from sources such as GMail and Facebook. The system is an All-or-Nothing system, and makes it frustrating for users who have hundreds of useless contacts. This news of Push GMail however, makes it worth it to dig through those GMail contacts and clean it up.

[Via My Pre]