Palm Pre: An early review

Shawn Farner - Jan 9, 2009
Palm Pre: An early review

Our sister site, Pre Community, has a taken an in-depth, hands-on look at the Palm Pre and has posted an early review.  What are the first impressions after having a chance to play with Palm’s new toy?  We’ll tell you a little bit about it after the jump.

The Palm Pre comes with 8 GB of flash memory, which some would argue isn’t enough.  However, the Pre is a web-centric device.  Palm’s WebOS is built for constant web connectivity, so your data, such as your contact list, is constantly synching with Sprint’s servers online.

It was also learned that Pre users will have access to a special Sprint App Store.  App stores are all the rage, nowadays, so it’s very wise for the Pre to hop on the bandwagon.  When Sprint’s exclusivity with the Pre ends, Palm has said it will help other carriers create their own custom app stores.

There are a bunch more pictures as well as a video of the Palm Pre in action.  To check it out, head on over to Pre Community.

[via Pre Community]

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