Palm Foleo Dead but apparently not entirely forgotten

So the Palm Foleo was going to be this amazing device, it was going to be the thing that took smartphones to the next level. For those who've never heard of the device or forgot what it was supposed to do, it was basically going to be an ultra-portable extension of the smartphone allowing you to use a lot of the same apps and such that are on your smartphone in a larger, more user friendly version.

Well, just before the device was actually supposed to go on sale, Palm scrapped the whole project (instead we got the Centro, what a jack). Anyways, Engadget got their hands on one of the only Foleo's in existence, they got it for review, and they are apparently going forward with the review.

So, my question is, how do you review something you know will never be made? Regardless, they have a pretty thorough gallery of both the hardware and a good amount of the software over on their site. Looking through the software this really could have been an amazing device if they had just produced it instead of scrapping the whole thing, I am deeply saddened.

Palm Foleo: the exclusive first and final hands-on [via engadget]