Palm Cares About Gaming on the Pre

Evan Selleck - Aug 17, 2009
Palm Cares About Gaming on the Pre

Right now, Palm’s Pre isn’t quite a gaming powerhouse. Actually, it’s not at all, and for a lot of people, that’s something they wish would be alleviated, and soon. When a phone like the Pre releases in the market against the likes of the iPhone, it’s almost essential that the Pre’s media abilities come shining through at some point. And it looks like Palm is setting up to show that the Pre is capable of gaming, too. Or, something pretty close.

In the Pre’s defense, the SDK provided is built on html/js/css, and this greatly reduces a lot of things/potential, and practically rules out 3D gaming altogether. But Palm wants everyone to know that some level of gaming is possible on their flagship device, and that HTML5 is far from a weak contender in the gaming development process. To show that they’re serious, Palm has posted a “webOS and Game Development” article on their developer website, which details the possiblities of the Pre’s gaming ecoysystem: “puzzles, word games, card and board games, innovative social games, and the list goes on — even simple arcade games.” Also noteworthy, is Palm’s posting of an article that describes the implementation of the <canvas> tag, which provides the capability of dynamically generated 2D graphics.

In addition, Palm announced yesterday via the Palm Developer Network that they have opened up the webOS Game Development Cafe, which is akin to a virtual Starbucks, where developers can discuss tips and tricks, as well as give Palm the feedback they need to further explore the universe of mobile gaming, and improve the SDK in the process. In the end, it looks like Palm is starting to do what they can to make the Palm Pre an even bigger product out in the world, if it wasn’t already. Sure, we’re not looking at robust 3D gaming, but at least it’s a good start. And perhaps most importantly, is the fact the manufacturer is helping, instead of leaving it up to sole third-party developers.

[via PreCentral]

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