PadTab lets you hang your iPad on any flat surface

I get a lot of use out of my iPad for all sorts of stuff from surfing the web on the couch to reading books. I know some folks like to use the thing a lot for recipes in the kitchen and so on too. Once Hulu Plus lands for us all I will probably use the thing to watch some of my favorite TV shows.

If you want to mount your iPad on the wall or another flat surface in your home like the fridge, a new mount system called the PadTab has surfaced. The PadTab appears to be a plastic tab of some sort that interlocks with a squareish wall tab. The wall tabs are small and can be painted to match your wall to blend in with the d├ęcor.

If you have a home automation system that has an iPad app to control it, this might be the perfect way to mount the iPad as a wall control. The Wall Tab has an industrial strength adhesive so you can mount it without having to drill. Each kit will cost you $29.99 and includes two WallTabs. Shipping of the PadTab system starts today.