Pad & Quill makes the Kindle 3 look like a real book

Shane McGlaun - Oct 25, 2010
Pad & Quill makes the Kindle 3 look like a real book

Pad & Quill has some really cool cases for all sorts of gadgets. They take things like the iPhone and iPod touch and make them look like a little black book people used in the past for addresses. They also make some cool cases that make things like the iPad look like a book you would find in a Victorian library.

Pad & Quill has announced a new case that will fit the Kindle 3 eReader that makes it look like a leather covered book. The case is called simply The Case for Kindle 3. Each of the cases is hand made in the US, is precision cut to fit the Kindle perfectly, and allows access to all of the functions of the eReader.

The case appears to be made from wood that has felt to prevent scratches to your device. The outside of the wooden case is bound with premium leather and has interior paper in a deep red shade. It also uses a moleskin strap to keep the case closed and has a bookmarker to complete the look. The case will ship in a couple weeks for $44.99.

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