Pacific Defense Bluetooth DVR pen

You guessed it; this pen is a DVR that has Bluetooth. It also has a microSD card slot. It has an audio detection mode too, so it knows when to start recording, and it's designed to work in low-light situations. It can even send an alarm signal if motion is detected.

No, it's not a DVR in the sense that your new Media Center PC is a DVR, this one actually has a camera and microphone built in. of course there is also a motion sensor, so its clearly not made for use by the standard person, and judging by the company's name, its probably for spy operations.

But you can set this thing down, and either starts it then, or set it to be motion sensitive, and then when it starts recording, it will record audio, and video will record in 320x240 resolutions. Then if it's too risky to get close enough to it to pick it back up again, then you can pull the video off of it via Bluetooth. It should be available in March 2008, likely for a price most of you can't afford.

The pen that swallowed a Bluetooth DVR [via Crave]