Owner of Polygraph.com indicted for teaching people to beat lie detector tests

A 69 year old Oklahoma man has been indicted by a federal grand jury for teaching customers how to beat polygraph tests, or lie detector tests, on his website Polygraph.com. Doug Williams, a former police officer, faces charges of obstruction of justice, as well as fraud, for basically instructing people "to lie or conceal crimes during polygraph examinations."

Williams has long been critical of polygraph tests, criticizing inaccurate and unreliable results. Teaching people how to pass the tests since 1979, he has become the target of the federal government due to specifically marketing his services to people taking the examinations for reasons such as federal law enforcement employment, background investigations, and those on parole or probation.

In his own words on the website, he says, "I have spent almost forty years proving that the 'lie detector' is just a myth, and it is common knowledge that just telling the truth only works half the time, so people are smart enough to know that they must LEARN HOW TO PASS or they will be falsely accused of lying." He assures potential customers that even if they are nervous, his training will show them how to pass.

Additional court documents show that Williams talked to an undercover federal agent, and claimed to have taught a number of government agents from agencies such the FBI, NSA, and more, who passed tests and have already retired after long careers. Other evidence includes that told individuals posing as federal employment applicants to deny that he had coached them on polygraph training.

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SOURCE U.S. Department of Justice