OWC's 2TB RAID Array

It seems like only yesterday when we were laughing at 32 bit storage and "gigabytes", "who would ever use that much space?" we asked ourselves? Now we have new forms of digital media such as Blu-ray and HD-DVD with up to 50GB of storage capacity; this demands larger hard drive space to create and backup media to this storage formats.

Even though its $1,099 pricetag will make any consumer conscious buyer cringe, the OWC Mercury Elite-AL Pro Dual 2.0TB RAID solution is a sign that larger physical storage solutions are coming.

This device features a 7200RPM, 2TB striped RAID array and connects to the PC via FireWire 800, 400 or USB 2.0.

2TB RAID Array From Other World Computing: Enough Space For You? [via crunchgear]