OWC USB-C dock for MacBook users hits pre-order

Mac fans who use a MacBook notebook and carry that machine between the office and home or other locations know that you often need a lot of things connected to your Mac like printers, keyboards, and eternal monitors. It can be a hassle having to plug and unplug all those devices when you move between locations frequently. The best way to streamline that process is by using a docking station.

A new docking station from OWC has started the pre-order phase and it is a USB-C dock. On the front users will get a 3.5mm input for audio, a single USB port, and a SD card slot for reading memory cards. On the rear, the dock has several other ports.

Those back ports include the USB-C input from the computer, three USB 3.0 Ports, another USB-C port, microphone port, Ethernet port, HDMI output, and the power port for the device. In all, there are 11 ports on the docking station and it is available in three colors.

The colors include grey, silver, and gold colors to match the new MacBook color palette. That HDMI output supports 4K resolution and the power supply is 80W so all the USB ports are powered. The OWC USB-C dock can be pre-ordered now for $129 with shipping kicking off in October.

SOURCE: MacSales