OWC SSD update lets MacBook owners use Boot Camp again

Back in March, OWC released their first SSDs that were compatible with mid-2013 and later MacBooks. Normally, this wouldn't even be worth mentioning, except for the fact that these were the only aftermarket drives that were compatible with these laptops. Unfortunately, they did come with one small issue, that annoyed those wanting to run Windows on their laptops.

Since Apple charges a premium on storage space in all of their products, it's not uncommon for someone to want to buy a laptop with a smaller drive, with the intention of upgrading it later. OWC's drives that they released in March were compatible, in the sense that you could replace your smaller drive and install OS X. However, what you couldn't do was dual-boot the system to run Windows with all of them.

The company has recently released a new set of drivers that will correct this issue and allow you to unlock the full potential of the drive. The new driver is called the Dual Boot Enabler for Apple Boot Camp. Once installed, you will be able to use Boot Camp to install Windows, or any other OS of your choice.

The update is completely free, and should make MacBook users happy with the knowledge that they can update their SSD without having to sacrifice any functionality to do so.

VIA: AppleInsider