OWC On-The-Go Pro external HDD gets 1TB of storage

OWC has been making storage devices and other gear for Mac and PC users for years. The company has a full line of external storage solutions that have multiple interface options for the best data transfer speeds on any given computer.

OWC has announced a new 1TB On-The-Go Pro external HDD that features both the FireWire 800/400 connection options and USB 2.0 connectivity. Before the 1TB version landed, the most storage you could get in the compact triple interface external device was 640GB.

Connectivity speed for the external drive with USB 2.0 is up to 100MB/s and the drive is bus powered. The triple interface 1TB drive is $269.99 and a FireWire 400/USB 2.0 version sells for $269.99 with a USB 2.0 only version going for $229.99. All versions are available right now.