OWC Mercury Elite-AL Pro mini quad interface storage solution revealed

OWC has a big range of external storage solutions and other gear that is typically aimed at Mac users, but often work with Windows machines as well. The latest OWC offering is a new external storage solution called the Mercury Elite-AL Pro mini. The storage solution is hailed as the industry's first quad interface 2.5-inch 1TB HDD.

The mini is available to order now with ten different models ranging in storage capacity from 250GB to 1TB. All of the models have FireWire 800/400, USB 2.0, and eSATA interfaces with data speeds up to 300MB/s depending on the interface used.

The drives are all housed in an aluminum enclosure. Some versions of the external device have 5400 rpm drive; some have 7200 rpm drives, and SSD versions are offered as well. Prices range from $119.99 to $299.99 for the 5200/5400 rpm drives, 7200 rpm versions are $144 for 320GB and $189 for 500GB. SSD versions are $299 to $849 depending on capacity. All versions are powered by the USB bus.