Ovi Store URL trick leaks X7?

Back in June a leaked roadmap from Nokia surfaced that pointed to some of the future products the phone maker had in the works. On that list was the Nokia X7. So far, we haven't seen any leaked shots or details of the X7 specifically.MobileGeek reckons they have found proof on the Ovi store that the X7 is coming soon. They happened on a URL trick in the Ovi store where you can change the device in the URL to X7 and are greeted with a list of games and apps that are compatible with the unreleased device.

Sure, this could be an error on the site and not mean that the X7 is coming soon. However, when you take this URL trick with the leaked roadmap it's not hard to think the X7 is inbound. Perhaps we will hear more soon since the N8 is shipping.