Overwatch Winter Wonderland 2017 is live - Watch the trailer here

As revealed last week, today is the day that Overwatch's Winter Wonderland event goes live. Though this event for 2017 shares its name with the same event from last year, there will be fair amount of new content for fans to unlock and play. Of course, all of the old stuff from last year's Winter Wonderland will be returning, so if you missed a few seasonal skins last year, you'll have another chance to unlock them.

If you're looking to unlock all of the content Winter Wonderland 2017 has to offer, you're in for a busy few weeks. The event lasts from today until January 1, and during that time, Overwatch's loot boxes will be replaced with Winter Wonderland loot boxes. Those loot boxes are guaranteed to have at least one Winter Wonderland item, but with all of the sprays and icons being added, you'll have to play quite a bit to unlock all of the seasonal skins.

Heroes getting new skins in this event include Sombra, Hanzo, Soldier:76, and Roadhog. Junkrat, Overwatch's resident Australian, is also getting a new skin, but his is summer-themed due to the fact that it's currently summertime in the Southern Hemisphere. You can see some of the new skins in the trailer for Winter Wonderland 2017 or in the collection of images Blizzard sent along.

Winter Wonderland 2017 will also have a new game mode for players to participate in. Called Mei's Yeti Hunt, the game mode will pit a team of five Mei players against a single Winston player. It's up to the Mei players to hunt down Winston before he collects enough meat to go supercharged – when he does, the Mei players will need to retreat and try to stay out of his path.

All in all, it sounds like Winter Wonderland 2017 should be a pretty good time, especially if you like the skins that Blizzard has created. The event will run for just under three weeks, wrapping up on Monday, January 1. What's your favorite new skin? Head down to the comments section and let us know!