Overwatch 2 PvP fans have a huge treat coming next week

It's been a little while since we last heard from Overwatch 2, but that's all changing soon. Today, Overwatch 2's new director Aaron Keller delivered his first Developer Update on Overwatch – a series that former Overwatch director Jeff Kaplan started in the early days of the original game – to tell us when our next look at Overwatch 2 will be coming around the bend. As it turns out, we don't have to wait very long.

This Developer Update has a running time of just 1:37, so it's quite a bit shorter than the videos Overwatch fans will be used to. Still, there's a lot of exciting stuff in it if you happen to be looking forward to Overwatch 2. Keller says that Blizzard will be hosting a two-hour livestream next week in which he, Geoff Goodman, and Dion Rogers will be showcasing some PvP gameplay from Overwatch 2.

That's going to be worth tuning into for Overwatch fans, because thus far, most of Blizzard's marketing for the game has revolved around its PvE aspects – and even then, information has been pretty sparse. Hopefully the livestream, which is slated for May 20th, will give us a decent idea of what's changing in the jump from Overwatch to Overwatch 2.

In the Developer Update, Keller reminds us that what we see in the livestream will be in-development gameplay and could change before the finished product arrives in the future. Keller also says that more PvP gameplay footage will be revealed later on in the year, so Overwatch fans will have more to look forward to after the livestream is over.

In addition to the livestream, Overwatch devs will also be discussing the five years since Overwatch launched in an AMA to the Overwatch subreddit. That livestream, meanwhile, be happening on May 20th at 3PM PDT/6PM EDT and will be broadcast on both Twitch and YouTube, so be sure to mark your calendar if you want a look at Overwatch 2 PvP.