Oversized horn speaker stands 8-feet tall, not you ordinary phonograph

Entertainer tours with oversized loudspeakers but true musician makes use of custom-made instruments. The Specimen speaker is one of the kind; shapes like an extra large phonograph, the horn stands 8 feet tall, made of customized crossover and the Eminence Beta-12CX 12-inch coaxial driver that is easily driven with high efficiency output.

Designed in particular for multi-instrumentalist Andrew Bird for his touring companion, the Specimen XL Horn speakers have shorter footprint and are evolved from a much smaller and shorter design with Celestion's 8-inch acoustic guitar speaker. Accordingly, these speakers when properly arranged, are capable of alarming bass response with all aspects of frequency spectrum. Andrew has collection of these horns speaker in different sizes and shapes, designed exclusively to enrich the instrument reproduction.

You would think the Specimen would sound dull and mono like the old school hand-cranked phonograph from WWII. Not so, check out the performance from Andrew Bird with the Specimen below:

[specimen via engadget]