Over 100k HD-DVD players sold

The format wars are definitely still raging between Blu-ray and HD-DVD. No one format has emerged as a clear winner yet, and likely will not for some time. An announcement from Toshiba does however indicate the HD-DVD might be ahead of the game.

According to Toshiba, over 100,000 HD-DVD players have been sold. I really find it interesting that there have been this many players sold for a format that currently has less than 300 available titles.

Another interesting fact is that Toshiba didn't include the HD-DVD drive add-on for the Xbox 360. That is currently one of the most popular HD-DVD players on the market. As of now, I'd say the advantage goes to HD-DVD, but the tides could turn at any time.

HD-DVD Sprints Ahead [via crunchgear]