OUYA set to showcase 12 new games at GDC 2014

This year's Game Developers Conference is almost upon us and, as expected, we're receiving news and teasers about what to expect. For this year, the OUYA team has prepared to demo 12 titles for its popular Android gaming console of the same name, including Kickstarter poster child "Broken Age" and OUYA exclusive "That Dragon, Cancer".

Although OUYA is ultimately based on Android, which gives it access to hundreds of games also available on smartphones and tablets, it is also its own platform. Hence, there are games that have been to specifically target the OUYA and will make their debut exclusively on the system.

One such game has an inspiring story with a somewhat sad ending. That Dragon, Cancer is an emotional interactive story about the life of game developer Ryan Green and wife Amy and their experiences raising their five-year old son Joel, who has been diagnosed with terminal cancer. Unfortunately, even before the game could make its first public appearance at GDC 2014, Joel passed away last March 13.

Broken Age can be credited for having truly kicked off the Kickstarter phenomenon for game developers. Managing to bag more than five times their target amount, this game from the creative mind of Tim Schafer of Day of the Tentacles and Psychonauts fame showed the world that not only were adventure games not dead, but that game developers can now eschew the traditional publisher-centric process in favor of a crowdsourced one.

Other games in OUYA's list include Toto Temple Deluxe, Duck Game, Cascade, Laza Knitez!!, and more. You can view the full list, including their trailers, from the link below. If you happen to be in San Francisco during GDC 2014, drop by Booth 316 to get a chance to see these games in action or maybe even take them for a spin yourself.