Outriders is finally coming to Xbox Game Pass for PC

Earlier this year, we saw the Square Enix RPG shooter Outriders get a surprise day-one release on Xbox Game Pass. Unfortunately, it wasn't a day-one release for all versions of Game Pass – only the console and cloud versions, leaving PC subscribers to buy a copy outright if they wanted to play on day one. Now, months later, Square Enix and Microsoft are rectifying that oversight, announcing that Outriders is finally coming to Xbox Game Pass for PC.

Microsoft announced today that Outriders will be landing on Xbox Game Pass for PC tomorrow, October 19th. It'll be available to Game Pass players through both the PC and Ultimate versions of the service, so if you're subscribed to one of those, you'll be able to play. On the same day, Outriders is landing on the Microsoft Store, so if that's where you get your Windows games, you'll be able to pick it up there as well.

Microsoft says that any progress you've made in the Xbox Series X/S version of Outriders will carry over to the Windows version of the game. Unfortunately, those who purchased it on another platform or another PC storefront, including Steam, will have to start over from the beginning, as the Windows version won't support cross-progression from any other platforms.

Outriders does support cross-play, though, so if you have friends playing on other platforms, you'll be able to link up with them and play together. We haven't heard too much from Outriders lately, but this arrival on Game Pass could bring a spike of interest in the game.

Today's announcement leads the new batch of titles slated to hit Xbox Game Pass in the latter half of October. Microsoft hasn't revealed what those games are yet, but we should be finding out in the next day or two. We'll let you know what October's next round of games is when Microsoft reveals them, so stay tuned for more.