Outlook online is down for many users

Reports are coming in that Microsoft is actively investigating a web-based Outlook and Exchange Online outage that started early this morning in Europe. Now users worldwide are reporting problems accessing the Microsoft service, which compounds ire already aimed at Microsoft after an Office 365 outage earlier this week.Microsoft confirmed at 9 AM CT, 3 AM Eastern time, that users were having issues accessing Exchange Online accounts via Outlook on the web. Microsoft had initially reported that the primary group impacted were users in India. Later via its Microsoft 365 Status Twitter account, it announced that the issue was impacting users worldwide.

Indications are that the most impacted regions are in the UK, France, Germany, Netherlands, Belgium, Norway, Sweden, and India. Multiple reports from end-users have been seen on Twitter complaining that they are unable to access Outlook. The Microsoft Office Service health dashboard confirmed as of writing that users might be unable to access email. Microsoft is currently collecting data from impacted infrastructure to aid in the investigation in its efforts.

We mentioned previously that Office 365 was hit with an outage earlier this week. In that incident, Microsoft said that updates it had made to the service led to the issue. Microsoft is currently investigating if updates could've caused the issue users are dealing with today.

The software giant says that it's reviewing recent changes to the service to determine the outage's cause. Microsoft notes that users could experience problems with various Exchange Online protocols, including Outlook desktop, mobile devices, and services depend on REST functionality. It does appear that the US remains mostly unaffected at this time. Microsoft has offered no ETA on repairing the service as of writing.