Oura Ring Generation 3 is a wearable for those who don't like watches

When it comes to wearables, typically, they take the form of a watch. However, with the advent of smartphones, many people stopped wearing a watch and don't want to go back. However, the dislike of wearable devices on your wrist means that some of the fitness and health tracking features of modern wearables are unavailable to some people. Oura has been making smart wearables in the form of simple rings, and the commpany has announced its Generation 3 ring.

The Oura Ring Generation 3 has been announced after three years of research and development by the manufacturer. When it launched in 2015, Oura started with sleep tracking because sleep is the foundation for health and well-being. The company says it initially chose the ring form factor because pulse signals from the finger are much stronger than in the wrist.

The new third-generation device has features specifically optimized for women's health, including a new Period Prediction feature able to accurately predict a woman's period over the next 30 days. The device can alert women six days before it predicts their period will start. One of the biggest features of Period Prediction is that it can adapt as a woman's cycle changes.

The third-generation ring also has substantially updated technology with three times as many sensors and 32 times as much memory as past generation devices, with the same form factor and battery life. Oura Ring Generation 3 features seven temperature sensors, along with new green and red LEDs and an infrared PPG system.

The green LEDs can monitor heart rate continuously 24/7 as well as providing real-time heart rate when needed. A Restorative Time feature senses when the body and mind relaxes to help users know what to take breaks during the day. Improved temperature sensing is updated minute by minute allowing users to see when they might be getting sick. The wearable can record heart rates during workouts and has an improved sleep staging algorithm. Generation 3 also senses blood oxygen levels during sleep, but that feature won't be enabled until next year. The ring is available now in several finishes for $299.