Otus RAW — World’s most configurable DJ controller

Shane McGlaun - Jan 13, 2010
Otus RAW — World’s most configurable DJ controller

I am no musician and I have zero talent when it comes to making music. I can hardly make ringtones with iTunes and the extent of my musical ability is to turn on the radio. It’s cool when people have the kind of talent needed to make cool music using multiple sources like a DJ can.

A company called EKS has announced a new tool for the talented types out there who are looking for a DJ controller that is highly configurable. The device is called the Otus RAW. The RAW can work as a single or dual deck controller and is packed with features. The device has two long and sturdy SL-turntable pitch sliders.

Other features include large velocity pads and buttons for fast and easy operation. The company says that the controller offers a future proof design that can be configured for just about any need. The device certainly looks expensive to me and the manufacturer says pricing has not been determined yet. It will ship this spring.

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