OtterBox's new Xbox controller battery pack prevents interrupted gameplay

OtterBox has a new accessory for the Xbox Wireless Controller that'll help players avoid interrupted gameplay when their batteries run low. Called the OtterBox Power Swap Controller Batteries, this new power pack features quick-release tech so that users can quickly pop the power pack out using one hand and then pop another into the controller in its place.

OtterBox claims its new power packs are the first rapid hot-swap design for the Xbox Wireless Controllers, enabling players to quickly toggle out a drained power pack for a second one that is fully charged. This can be done rapidly enough to prevent disconnecting from the console, avoiding the interruption that too many Xbox players have experienced.

The new product is part of the Designed for Xbox program. The key to the system is a reserve cell that keeps the controller powered on for a short period of time while the player removes the drained battery pack and inserts the second charged unit.

A red low-power alert is designed to illuminate the players' hands when the batteries are low, giving them a chance to change battery packs before the controller dies. As you'd expect, the product includes two battery packs, meaning you can keep one on the charger while the other is connected to the controller.

OtterBox notes that its new hot-swappable batteries are compatible with its wider line of accessories for the Xbox Wireless Controller, including the Mobile Gaming Clip and Easy Grip Controller Shell introduced earlier this year. The Power Swap Batteries will be available starting June 15 for $59.99 USD.